Salon Business Consulting

Salon Prophets was formed to serve the many fascinating and exciting areas of the salon industry. We bring a straightforward, honest and practical approach to our clients. We are a full service firm able to assist our clients from start to finish of any salon project, or help with the growth of an ongoing business.

Our ultimate task is simple: improve the bottom line. The multitude of challenges that impede the movement towards this goal, and the selection of appropriate solutions, is not so simple. By utilizing our core values of commitment, integrity and caring to each unique concern, we are able to bring forth superior results.

Three Reasons To Choose Salon Prophets


Your organization may require research, analysis and other forms of support, but it may simply not have the internal resources available to move forward. Often it can make greater economic and practical sense—by saving you time and money—to use the services of Salon Prophets for a particular project and a specific time frame.


In many cases it is easier said than done for an organization—and its members—to face their challenges with an independent outlook or objectivity. Conflicting agendas, external forces, and biases often limit the ability of team members to view the current state of affairs with the independence needed to create meaningful solutions and smooth transitions. As no two situations are exactly the same, Salon Prophets comes with no preconceived notions or solutions. Our recommendations are based upon a thorough consulting processes and appropriate research along with detailed and careful analysis.


Salon Prophets is able to bring both hands-on operating experience and consulting experience pertinent to your organization’s challenges to provide broader based perspectives and predictable results. Ultimately, the solutions created and implemented with our assistance deliver superior outcomes. As you would expect, we fully maintain and respect the confidentiality of each and every client’s information.

New & Existing Facilities

When starting a new project it is difficult to know where to start. What comes first? What do you need to know at the beginning? What are the priorities? Salon Prophets will guide you through these critical times, as the decisions you make today will be the ones that ensure your success in the end. By implementing our detailed approach, your team will enjoy its greatest chance for success. You may choose to engage us for all—or parts—of the development process. It is never too late to ask for independent and experienced advice on your new project.


It all begins with a great idea to build a salon. However, the thing that will have the greatest impact on your financial success is good planning. We will help you look at all the factors required to make good decisions in creating the size, scope and servicing of your spa.

  • Business Development

    Prior to starting and expanding your project, you want to consider the countless possibilities on how to build—and run—your operation efficiently and professionally. Salon Prophets will lead you through this process to choose the best practices for a salon with the location, size and focus of your facility.

  • Performance Analysis

    Do it right the first time! We will help set up your business operations from the ground up. Assisting in developing your staffing roles, job manuals, scheduling, presentation, accounting, hiring, client procedures and much more.

  • Equipment Assistance

    It’s not enough to just open your doors. We will help develop your year-one marketing plan, public relation strategies, and sales initiatives. Included in your collateral materials are print media (ex. brochures), signage, promotional tools (ex. bags), websites and much more.

  • Market Research

    • Competitive analysis
    • Target market
    • Feasibility analysis – potential usage
  • Capital Assessment

    • Business plan
    • Sales and marketing plan
    • Forecasts
  • Start-Up Costs

    • Construction
    • Capital equipment list
    • Capital expense list
      • furnishing
      • fixtures
      • supplies
    • Budget analysis
    • Labor assumptions

Each and every salon operation has the opportunity to improve in some area of the business, and ultimately to increase your bottom line. Often there are impediments to seeing this improvement you desire. Enough time, experience or a balanced perspective? Our consulting team will provide a fresh and professional outlook to your facility. We can quickly isolate areas of concern and bring tangible solutions to the table.

Expansion or Redevelopment Support

Depending on the breadth of the expansions we will :

  • Employ our feasibility, design and business development approach as detailed in “New Projects” as required.
  • Assist in creating the size and scope of the expansion to work with the existing structure and offer new unique solutions for your business.
  • Offer new unique solutions with layout, facility usage, and innovative treatment spaces.

Human Resources

We can help you in areas such as your hiring process, compensation structures, performance evaluations, scheduling, training and more!

Performance Analysis

It is all about becoming more efficient and having the best service standards. We also assist you with menu and service analysis, financials, production, room layout and more.

Equipment Assistant

Having the right supplier is key. We will help analyze your existing equipment and computer systems to make sure they are being used properly and safely. Finally, assist in finding unique spa/salon related items.