There is no better time than now to ask for help. Decisions today need to be right and it is difficult to be sure about anything. Salon Prophets will provide you with an experienced Salon Coach to help you along the way.

This personalized phone or online face to face coaching service has been designed specifically to address the requirements of the salon owner or /manager in the challenges of everyday business.


This valuable resource will enhance the smallest or largest business where you can get support, advice and guidance to continue to fix, maintain and grow your business.

  • Having an experienced and professional coach to assist and support you to further develop your business
  • Having an experienced and professional coach to assist and support you in further developing your skills
  • Having a knowledgeable resource to brainstorm and bounce ideas off.
  • Having a support team to work through human resource, financial, marketing and operational issues.
  • Having a support team to develop goals and keep you on track towards achieving them.
  • Receive the encouragement to make positive change in your business with new concepts, improved behaviours and effective leadership skills.


Once you register, your coaching begins with a detailed questionnaire and a complimentary personal interview with your salon coach. It is important that your coach learn as much about your business as quickly as possible to help you make positive changes.

Your next session will be a scheduled virtual face-to-face session that lasts approximately 55-60 minutes. During this time you will talk with your salon coach, ask questions and establish and execute plans to meet your goals.

Within 24 hours of your session you will receive an email with the details of your session and the goals to be addressed before your next call. Each session will continue in this same format.

  • Who Do I Talk To?

    You will be speaking to CEO and Salon Professional Robert Cass.  Your coaching sessions will differ in topics each time depending on areas of growth and your business’ needs.

  • How many sessions do I need?

    Each operation is different so this will depend on your particular needs. Following the initial registration and assessment we will cooperatively determine what is best to fit your time and financial resources. Our minimum registration is four (4) virtual sessions. The total time required is dependent upon your ongoing challenges, intricacy of your needs, and simply your wish for continuing support.